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Walking Groups within the Ramblers lead walks all across the UK. The details of each of these walks are published on the Ramblers walks finder. Walks Finder allows you to find walks that you may wish to join. This web site lets you view the Meeting places and Starting places that the above walks have used in the past. Many of these Locations (meeting and starting) may be useful for you when planning a new walk. This facility allows you to view these locations.

PLEASE note that while Ramblers Groups have used these locations it DOES NOT mean that they are suitable for your use. By using this facility you are agreeing that you will check the suitability of locations before you use them.


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How locations are scored

Each location is given a number of stars between zero and five depending on how often and when they have been used

For each use of the location it gets 1 star if this is within the last year

Usage that is before this counts less by 20% for each year.

So a location used 10 times in year five would also get 5 stars

Open Street Map

Legend: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features

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Other sources of parking information

These are external sites and not associated with the Ramblers.

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