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Want somewhere to start a walk?

This facility displays places that you may wish to use to start a walk. The places are those that Ramblers Groups have used for walks in the past. Many of these will be car parks suitable for either starting a walk or for car sharing. PLEASE note that while Ramblers Groups have used these locations it DOES NOT mean that they are suitable for your use.

By clicking on the Continue button below you are agreeing that you will check the suitability of locations before you use them.

You can select which locations are displayed based on when and how often they have been used.

Rejected Rejected locations - view places that have been flagged as no longer suitable
1stars Locations used only once
2stars Used twice
3stars Used three times
4stars Used four times
5stars Used five or more times
When location was
   I agree to check the suitability of locations before using them
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